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Weight-loss, Breastfeeding… no weightloss…BOO!

Do you ever look at your husband, boyfriend, or just male friends and internally think, WTH, why can you loose weight so easily, and it takes so much for me to do the same???

Well try it after having a C-section, to try and workout.  The pain the weeks following the C-section is doable, but there is some internal fixing going on inside and you can’t just go and do some strenuous exercise.  After 6 weeks of being told you can’t do anything, you are all of a sudden released for work, for driving, working out and f your lucky… have sex.  Add that to breastfeeding which leads us mommies to eat and eat and eat, nurse, and nurse, and nurse.  Some mommies are fortunate enough to breastfeed and burn hundreds of calories while doing so.  I may have been one of those lucky mommies, but because I couldn’t channel the food cravings after and before nursing into something else, I ate.

After trying numerous times to set up a workout regimen, and failing, I soon realized it wasn’t up to my body to tell me when I was hungry.  It was all mind over matter.  Every time I set up a workout routine, I would do it for 2-3 days, take my one day break and never go back.  Eating healthy would be a good 3-4 days and then you get your cheat day, then cheat days, then weeks… and so on, and months later, you return again to that same diet and routine that wasn’t working and never get your midset in the same groove.

I tried protein powders, I tried It Works Greens, and guess what… Both gave my little Bean the runs.  Runs that were the kind that actually make you throw up in your mouth, but you tell your baby its ok, ones that come out the sides and leak down the leg and onto mommy and you have to yell for daddy to get baby and rush her upstairs to rinse her off.  She was basically getting detox I was wanting and I couldn’t continue to do that to her.  My husband would ask me what I was changing in my diet, and I would tell him I didn’t change anything but natural supplement that went into my water.  I also told him I would try protein powders for my breakfast so I wouldn’t have such a heavy breakfast.  When he would tell me to stop and see if that was what the cause of our daughters discomfort was, it would go away.

I was reading an article that says if you can do something for 21 days, it doesn’t just become something your doing, but more of a routine and change in your life that you can continue with.  My husband and I purchased numerous items from Academy Sports Authority, and while there, also purchased a workout mat for our daughter and 1lb weights for her to enjoy mommy and me workouts.  It seemed like something I would do more especially if my little Bean was with me.

I am happy to say I am on day 8 of my workout routine.  We have had a elliptical in our garage for about 9 months and now, and I have done about 1.75-2 miles a night.  I do stretches, arm workouts, abs, and legs.  There are so many different workouts out there, and I follow tons of people on Instagram and Facebook that help me to determine what I will do that day.  I don’t set out a plan, I just go with it and do what I can.  I push myself to what I know I can do, I don’t want to overdo it, but do just enough to feel good.

What exercise routines do you do?  Who do you follow?  Where is your favorite place to workout?


5 thoughts on “Weight-loss, Breastfeeding… no weightloss…BOO!

  1. Well done on looking into ways to make fitness work in your life with kids!! 😀 I’ll be doing the same in just a few months (baby #4 is due soon). I’m thinking about getting an elliptical, but my go-to is aerobics and pilates on dvd. I love Leslie Sansone and Denise Austin. 🙂


    1. I jave a few Zumba dvds I like and may be using soon with Bean since she loves to dance. Its hard making time for everything but we cant be good mommies if our health isnt good

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  2. Try need
    You don’t have to buy anything, I have the books and can give you the link. It’s bodyweight workouts with or without weights, and you just eat paleoish. Meat and veg as much as you can. I was doing it and I lost 40lbs and it stayed off. I plateaued and then I kind of stopped for a year because it didn’t come back, lol.

    But after I pop this kiddo out I’ll pick it back up.

    If you don’t know how to do something, he made videos for each move in youtube.

    Their blog is inspiring, and there’s tons of before and after stories and pics also.


    1. I said Id do the same thing, not that exact plan but I told myself I would do what I had to to loose baby weight. I think Im finally in the correct mindset. Im working out atleast 30 min a day. Ive lost 5 lbs in 9 days. Easier to keep with it when you actually see weight coming off



        Damn autocorrect.

        What’s great about it is you can pick a character style. Basically you can choose what you like to do. I HATE cardio. But I’m happy to do bodyweight stuff. So I didn’t do cardio. I squated, lunged, did push-ups and planks and stretched for a little. It was enough for me to make a difference.


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