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We have so much influence, how will you use it?

I saw a post yesterday by a mother on Facebook, jokingly referring to her two children as brats.  All fine and funny, but then today, I heard a mother yell at her child at a public event where there were so many families with their children, she asked her daughter if she was stupid.  Then I saw another post of Facebook earlier today, stating that a mother and her live in boyfriend were arrested for tying up a young child to a bed for not listening, this poor little girl thought her name was Idiot.

So my first though was generally, I don’t watch or try to read the news because it pops my happy bubble.  There is so much negativity in our world, and it is so close to us all around us everyday, and it scares me so much.  When I first contemplated becoming a mother, I truly though, heck no, I’m not contributing to this growing world of hatred, disrespect, and unjustness.  I couldn’t fathom, and still have trouble thinking of how I will help my child grow up to be a decent human being in this world where all around her every single day, every moment, there is evil lurking, and it will always try to pull her in.  I know that as long as I teach her right from wrong, good from bad, she will grow into a fine person, but it is always something that scares me.

My second though was, do these parents think before they procreate?  Do they understand that once their beautiful innocent child is born, they are in complete control as to who he/she will become.  Do these parents understand that they are can make or break their spirits.  It isn’t just parents, as our children grow, they also increase those they look up to and idolize.  Our culture is so sexualized that children are now having children, breastfeeding is seen as disgusting because breasts are implemented as sexual organs instead of soemthing God created for us to nourish our children, children are cursing and disrespecting their elders left and right, throwing temper tantrums and have no regard for how hard their parents or anyone else works.  It is crazy, and every high school graduate belives they are entitled to above minimum wage without pursuing a college education and degree.

Do we as the leaders of our children; parents, teachers, general older population; know how much we really can either make or break a child.  I saw on Facebook a teacher who everyday before he starts class, begins by taking a few seconds to praise every single one of his students independently.  How amazing is this.  How much do you think their spirit raises after hearing just a few positive words.  Its something that we think little about, but for a child, especially one so small, it can make them feel on cloud 9.  Heck for an adult to hear, you are doing amazing, you rocked that, you are stunning, you are so smart, you are respected, you are loved, goodness, that can even send us into a euphoric state of mind and help us to want to do more, to adance, to keep going.  We are all humans, we all need to hear and see the positive to reflect that ourselves, and we need to start with children from day one.

When we joke about our children, we have to remember, it hurts them, regardless of us saying it in front of them or behind their back to our friends when we are complaining about how hard our day was with our children, we still have the tendency to portray it to our children.  Everyone deserves respect, and love!

Have you ever thought back to your own childhood, to a time when someone said something that hurt you and made you feel less than worthy?   Do you think about the negative impact we have on our children?  In the moment do you think before you speak?

These are just some things that have been going through my mind.  Let me know below what you think and how you feel about it.

Happy Friday!

One thought on “We have so much influence, how will you use it?

  1. This is a profound read. So many thoughts are running through my mind. You are correct about how sexualized everything is, especially when it comes to breastfeeding. I use to be that person who did not want to try breastfeeding because I thought it was gross. I was not educated enough on the topic until I became pregnant. I truly owe a lot to my supportive husband who encouraged me to give it a try and here we are 19 months later!

    This read also makes me think about how I want to to raise my baby. I want him to respect people in general and appreciate each person for who they are. I want him to be courteous to our elders and always hold the door open for the person walking behind him. I want him to see the good in people but not be naive to the bad. So this leads to my thought of how to teach and discipline him. Even starting now with just getting him to understand the word “no”. On one hand I don’t want to be too soft spoken that he will not take me seriously but on the other I don’t want to come across so stern that it just hurts his feelings.

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