Mommy Talk

Lions, and tigers, and no phone.. OH MY!

So there shouldn’t really be a struggle with not having a cell phone should there.  I mean we are old enough to have had those times, those olden days when there were no cell phones and the ones that were in existence were huge, bulky, and more like a purse than a phone.  Well, this weekend, our little Bean decided after watching Beat bugs on mommys cell phone, because daddy was watching football, that she was done.  She told me all done mommy and while I was washing dishes, she slid the phone onto the counter, and I am telling you, it was like my phones life flashed before my eyes as I saw it sink into  a 1/2 of bubbly warm water to its slow and painful death.

I have to say though, it has been 3 days since this event occurred and I am not loosing my stuff just yet.  We filed the insurance claim and the phone is supposedly in route to my home as we speak, but still wont be here until Tuesday evening, afternoon the earliest.  I have felt very awesome not having my phone but it does make you see what it should be for and what it shouldn’t be for.  It shouldn’t be to look at Instagram or Pintrest while I am sitting there watching my toddler watch tv!  In fact, I really hate it when I put the tv on for my daughter and we have WWIII melt downs after because she just wants to watch her shows.  I want her outside, I want her enjoying play time, I want her playing and learning, even if it isn’t a structured activity I have set out for her.

I totally thought that the death of my phone was going to be some tragedy, that I would have to have a funeral for it, bury it with dignity, and say my last goodbyes.  But alas, I have drawn a simple conclusion, I need to do more without my phone.  I wasn’t lost while I didn’t have a phone.  Luckily we have a car that we have OnStar in the vehicle has its own telephone number so if for any reason, I needed to make a phone call, I had the ability to do so.  I was never in harm’s way, I was just too involved in my electronic friend to see what was really in front of me.

I can’t even remember the days when I didn’t have my cell phone permanently attached to my person in some way shape or form.  It has felt like an extension of myself.  Maybe I’m going overboard with the dramatics of the whole thing, but tell me parents, do you do the same thing.  Could you go hours, days, weeks, months without your phone.  I know for some of us, our cell phones have become our primary phone.  Who even has a home phone anymore???   It is our lifeline to the outside world.  But if we just put it down for a bit, maybe those roses everyone keeps telling us to smell will be so amazing, we can release our clench on our phones and enjoy what everyday provides.  Family, friends, date nights, being with our littles, etc.

Does anyone else feel this way?  Or am I just the only crazy mommy that has this issue.  I feel as if when I get my phone from the UPS man, I will go back to my silly ways, but I will take more time away from it.  I liked the freedom away from my phone.  I only wish for certain moments I had it.  Last night, we were watching Beat Bugs and Bean started singing “Lucy in the Sky with diamonds!”  I couldn’t believe it and she knew all the words.  Agh.  Classic rock!  Oh how I love thee.

Till next time mamas and papas,


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