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And so it begins… today we Welcome Daniel the Elf on the Shelf

LBP_9768.JPGHey there everyone.  So looks like we are joining the craze of the silly (semi-scary) looking elf on the shelf.  We are a home that fully promotes the true meaning of Christmas, the real reason we celebrate the season for giving, and being thankful for all we have.  We have a manger, we have children bibles with pictures and my daughter knows about Baby Jesus and Mary and Joseph.  She gets so excited when she sees him in the manger.  For her, we opted to purchase the Fisher Price Nativity Set from Amazon, this way she could play with it and enjoy it fully.  She has already had numerous fun times with hers and she gets her bible out to compare the setup.  At 28 months, she knows more than some adults do about the birth of Jesus.

So with that said, here we go for some fun.

We have “adopted” Daniel the Elf on the Shelf.  He made his appearance today on a zipline with a letter from Santa (St. Nicholas).  So far, his letter telling her to listen to mommy and daddy hasn’t worked LOL.  But hey, like I said she is 28 months, can’t expect her to always do as we ask.  Toddlers have minds of their own and the world revolves around only them and what they want.

So if you would like to follow along with us, here is our plan for our first two weeks complete with websites from which we printed all the printable we will be using.

December 1: Zip-line Elf on the shelf.  Complete with letter from Santa.

December 2: We are leaving donuts (Cherrios) for Daniel and Bean to share for breakfast

December 3: Daniel will be on the toilet with peppermint poop drops (hahaha)

December 4: I’ll be making some cinnamon (red) and ginger (green) cloud dough and leave some erasers I bought from Dollar Tree (it has reindeer heads, Christmas trees, Santas, and a few others. I have to work, but it will be out for her and daddy to enjoy throughout the morning.

December 5: Mommy starts final on Monday, so Elf will be on mommys books/backpack with a note that says, help mommy prepare for a good day of finals.  I think she will enjoy that one, because she loves to go through my backpack and pens so she can color… I don’t mind.

December 6: Daniel the Elf will be serving up mini hot chocolates (mini marshmallows with sprinkles on them)  We can all enjoy a small hot chocolate and then make some real hot chocholate for the whole family.

December 7: Daniel the Elf will be in candy cane jail. His little sign for why he is in there says being silly and naughty.

December 8: Daniel will be reading a Christmas story and invite Bean to read it to him, since it will be upside down and he can’t read.  Just a little something silly.

December 9: Daniel will be coloring a color page and invite Bean to color with him.  Hopefully he will bend and sit the way I need him to stay.

December 10: Daniel will be waiting for Bean in her nativity set, inviting her to play and reenact the Christmas Story.  We will also have our Christmas Story Book to help us, and of course her bibles

December 11: Daniel will be in his tree house in Beans Christmas tree with some gummies for her inviting her to stay in her pjs and watch some fun Christmas movies. is an amazing place to look for tons of fun printables!!! fun candy cane jail printable

http://eastcoastmommyblog.: Elf size donut box printable



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