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A Toddler Christmas


So last year, Bean was 16 months during the Christmas Season.  I wanted to share with you all the things we did.  I have had many people ask me, what can you do with a toddler, especially at that age.  Well, we did tons.  So here are a few of the things we did.

Last year we introduced our Kindness Elves Joy and Happiness on December 1st and every single day we did something.  That was super-duper time-consuming but we did it and it was so rewarding.  This year, they will come out to help Daniel our Elf on the shelf December 13th.  A little less Random Acts of Kindness, but we have so many activities planned, that I want to make sure we do it all.  I keep her busy because Mr. TV always wants to take all her attention, and I really would rather she not have anything electronic.  IT IS NOT EASY!!!!

So here is what we did last year, I hope this helps you when deciding what you and your toddler will do this Christmas season.

Everything we did, you can find the supplis for at the dollar store.

Bean was left a note to make a beautiful painting to brighten the world.  We had nontoxic red, green, and white paint, roll of paper, paint brushes and cookie cutters for painted shapes.

We made food for our winged friends


We did bubble wrap foot prints.  Those were really fun.

We went to the park with colorful chalk and left some kind words for those who walk the trail.  Yes, mommy did most of the work, but our babies learn by example.  We talked about what the words meant and how they would be sure to brighten somebodys day


We made colored pasta and played outside, and inside.  Weather in Texas allows for fun times outside ALL year round. LOL


We made contact paper suncatcher ornaments with her initials.  This was a fun fine motor activity


We made one of Beans presents… a balance beam and she helped daddy with the tools and the things he needed to complete the task.  She enjoyed playing with it after!

We did some water sensory play inside.  I changed the color of the water to blue, and added some essential oil for a nice aroma.  She ended up inside the bin all wet.  This was one of those “cold” days in Texas so we did this for inside play.


We made cookies for our UPS man, trash man, and USPS man.  They all enjoyed them very much!

We made homemade Christmas scented play dough for our little friends (well Beans little friends, at this time she was in Sign Language classes so we made some for everyone with Christmas cookie cutters)


We did a taste bar… mixing Jello powder with whip cream… Bean thoroughly enjoyed this!  We had all kinds of different flavors to try.  We talked about colors and the sense of taste.


We played pretend with play dough


We had a party with friends to decorate cookies and made mini pizzas

We took clothes and toys to the children shelter


We made gingerbread men


We went to the JW Marriott for pictures with Santa, to visit his reindeer, and send him a letter


We had baths with Christmas lights (glow sticks)


We supported our local High Schools choir performance at the library


We saw a Christmas reenactment, and Charlie Browns Christmas at the Magic Theatre



We went to see the lights around town


The last thing we did…was go to the beach…haha Christmas at the beach. It was great!


Everything we did takes patience with a little one!!!  What is something you and your little Beans do together?  What traditions have you started?

Just remember, littles are extremely smart, they learn from you.  Read, engage, talk.  It pays off in the end!



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