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What are we doing Dec 5th-Dec11th?

I have planned several activities for Bean and I for this week.  You must always remember that with a Toddler, most of the “plans” don’t go through but you can always just try.  Some things are amazing and keep their attention for 10-30 minutes, other times, they look at it and walk away and play something else.  I have had several things that Bean looks at and then looks at me like I’m crazy…Why would I think she would actually enjoy something like that?  Well Pinterest, and other mommy bloggers, and Instagram… they all get me lol.  I want to introduce as many sensory activities to spark Beans imagination and creativity.  If it’s a bust, well then we just move on.  As she gets older though, most of the activities are successful.  I will include links to the activities from where I found the ideas.

So here it is… this is whats planned for this week.  Almost everything can be purchased at a dollar store.  Dollar Tree is our fav, and of course the $1 spot at Target rocks!

December 5th:  Since mommy has finals, I will leave out books for Nana and Bean to read together, and of course she will have her Nativity to play with.  I am also going to put down some green masking tape on the floor and make it into the shape of a Christmas tree from The Inspired Treehouse. It is for gross motor skills, so they can follow the lines, they can get on all 4 and climb the tree, do many other fun activities with this.  Get creative with your little.  I am going to try to cut out some construction paper ornaments, and a star so she can also decorate it.  Something fun to keep Bean happy and occupied.

We baked our salt dough ornaments this evening (December 4th) and Bean loved loved loved it!  She wanted to keep going when mommy was ready to clean up.

December 6th: R is for Reindeer

  • Today we will focus on the letter R.
  •  Q-tip painting for R using printable from
  • We will be making this ( a R shaped reindeer with Beans hands as antlers)
  • We will make brown chocolate scented play dough and make an Invitation to play with cranberries, sticks, and acorns (if I can find chestnuts, we will have some of those too, maybe some walnuts)
  • We will do salt dough ornaments if we didn’t get to it on Monday morning before I leave to school for finals.

I have found numerous printables from (and Christmas ones here and here)I have purchased an alphabet bundle from The Crafty Classroom, The Measured mom has some amazing printables for the alphabet, we use those for do-a-dot markers, and I recently found Santa and candy cane shaped erasers at the Target $1 spot to fill in the letters.   We also watch the alphabet song on to help with sounding out the letters.  We also use a set from Bitty beginnings on Etsy… this one I think is my favorite, I have Bean trace the letters with her fingers so she can learn how to create the shape.  The is already good at knowing letters when she sees them, but we never stop.  Everyday is a learning adventure!  Most of the ones on here are free, others you have to purchase, but they are all amazing!

December 7th: Today we will do manger crafts

Letter focus is M for Manger, N is for Nativity

I have printables ready from Over the Big Moon.  This pack has so many amazing activities.  But believe me, sitting down for Bean can sometimes be hard, but she is always listening, so just talking about it works too.  We will have our manger out to play with also, and her Bible, we also have the Christmas Story book to read as well.

We may make some stick Nativity people also, we also have some printables of the manger so Bean can play with them as puppets.  We can take them outside and play, weather permitting of course.

We are also starting soccer as well.

December 8th:

  • We will focus on 2 letters today: S and G
  • W will talk about our Salt Dough ornaments (recipe is from , paint Santa hands, manger hands, stars, etc, and do some Q tip painting and finger tracing of the letters using printables
  • We will also make some gingerbread ornaments.
  • The salt dough recipe is from a book by Cathy at the Nurture store from the UK and the gingerbread ornament recipe is from The kitchen is my playground.

Side note: Remember, not all this gets done, most definitely we will do the ornaments because Bean loves being in the kitchen and mixing things, and getting messy, but sometimes, even that gets old for her, patience is KEY!

December 9th:

  • We will continue with the letter S with an Invitation to play with snowman play dough (made fresh in the morning), with sticks, cut carrots, beans, scarfs, etc.  That way we can build a snowman
  • We will paint rocks white to build a snowman, and use to see how big of a snowman we can build.  This helps with fine motor skills.
  • we will do puffy paint snowmen, most likely they will look like melted snow men LOL
  • we may also make yarn snowmen (balloons, glue, yarn, and felt)


December 10th:

  • We will do a Nativity painting
  • a paper plate angel
  • Mama works this day in the am, so I usually try for after nap activities

December 11th:

  • today will be the letter T
  • paper plate Christmas trees
  • Christmas tree play dough with Christmas tree pines in for a sensory smelling fun activity.
  • We may also paint rocks green and build a Christmas Tree.

So as you can see the weekend is usually more relaxed.  I try to make sure we do all our fun things, but sometimes like I said before, it just doesn’t happen.  If you do any of these, let us know how it turned out.  If you liked us providing this information, please let us know, we will continue to do a weekly schedule.





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