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What are we doing December 12-18th?

This week, I have to work ONE HALF day… lol. believe me, I’m not complaining.  I know how fortunate I am to be able to stay home with my baby girl… but since school is out for the winter break, I am going to work as much as I can.  With that being said, here is our plan for this week, every week the supplies to do the activities can all be found at Dollar Tree.

Since not everything got done this past week, we will most definitely try to do some this week.  Regardless something fun will always happen!

All week we will dip into our Elf on the Shelf alphabet learning packet from Over the Big Moon.  This is about a 24 page learning packet. There is so much for us to do in this packet.  So much learning to be done.  She doesn’t always do well with worksheets, its kind of hit or miss, but when I am doing them with her, it makes it a little more fun for her.  She always wants mommy to do everything with her.

December 12th:

We are going on a toddler lead hike (weather permitting) and I am so excited, I mean, Bean and I are so excited (hehehe)  We will be doing Reindeer Toothpaste.  I found the recipe at Playdough to Plato.  That mommy blog rocks!!! I think all mommy blogs rock.

We also have a printable from the Crafty Classroom that shows the meaning to all the Christmas decorations we use.  It is truly something I am so happy we found.  I want Bean to know that even though we enjoy the IDEA of Santa (St. Nicholas, and she will know that’s where he comes from) we still need to know the true meaning of Christmas and why we celebrate this wonderful day.

Since its gorgeous outside, we will probably also make our winged friends some yummy bird seed ornaments.  I found the recipe here at

We may do some peppermint oobleck if we can get to it.  I LOVE Obbleck, I mean Bean loves it… This is super-duper messy (you have been forewarned!)

December 13th:

We will Introduce our Kindness Elves today and we will go take toys and clothes to the local children’s shelter.  We want her to know that she is fortunate to have what she does, and that there are so many kids out there that don’t have much.  We must love and help one another!

We will do a Cranberry sensory bin (water + cranberries + scoops/cups/funnels and anything else we can find)  a taste safe sensory bin she can enjoy.  Water is never a bad idea!  Toddlers love it.

We may or may not get to Borax pipe cleaner snowflakes.  It may be something we do after work.  (recipe is 1/3 cup borax_2 cups boiling water=stir and dip the pipe cleaner tied to a pencil with string to hold over a cup to create the crystals)

December 14th:

We found 12 days of Christmas coloring pages online and they are so fun, we also have the 12 days of Christmas book we bought at the library last year after Christmas for 50cents.  we will read the book and color as we go.  definitely something fun for number recognition, counting fun, and  tracing for fine motor skills.  If I have time, I am going to dye some salt for a salt tray so she can make numbers in it with her finger.

We will do magic Christmas milk from Little Bins for Little Hands as well (totally awesome STEAM mommy blog!).  This looks like it will be something super fun!

We will do an ornament water sensory bin with plastic clear ornaments we found at Dollar Tree.  I’ll dye the water green, and add red measuring cups.

We also found a fun science experiment to do.  Its called dancing jingle bells.  It’s from a preschool teacher and I can’t wait to see what Bean thinks about this.

Last thing on our list is a Ready Jet Go event we preregistered for at our local planetarium.  I am so excited to go to this event. They are showing 2 new episodes of Ready Jet Go and they are also opening to ceiling (weather permitting) so we can look at the stars with their telescopes.  Sooooo awesome!!!

December 15th:

We are going to do Christmas fizz science fun  using Christmas cookie cutters, baking soda, and vinegar, and food coloring to make the fizz come out different colors. We did this for Halloween out of mini cauldrons and that was a super big hit!

We will do some DIY squishy soap dough from Natural Beach Living Blog. We may do a few for little gifts depending on how our first batch for us comes out lol

I found a recipe the other day for Apple Obleck so we may or may not do this.  its 1/2 cup applesauce, and 1 cup of cornstarch.  Crazy to see how cornstarch makes everything so much for fun. There is science everywhere!

Last one, is color walk science experinemnt using paper towels to watch the water “WALK”.

December 16th:

Because I am off school for a month, I want to make sure my signing stays up to par, so we will go to a morning Latin Deaf Breakfast meetup.  I really enjoy the people, they are so amazing and patient with me, especially when I don’t remember a sign.

We will make North star wands to help Lead the 3 wise men to baby Jesus.  We will use hot glue on parchment paper to create the star and utilize sticks we find outside to attach the star to it.  Then we will paint both the star and the stick gold and yellow.  I found a fun printable from IMOM mommy blog, and we will use that to tell the story.  They also have the printables of the characters to help tell the story.

I am going to make a Green and Red bell magnetic sensory bin filled with red and green bells, and rice.  I have a red magnet I bought from Dollar Tree a while back and then Bean can search for the bells using her magnet.

I had an idea to also use an egg carton to make a stackable Christmas tree.  All you have to do is cut an egg carton apart and paint each one.  Using a skewer, you can poke holes in each one and stack them.  This would help with fine motor skills, and counting.  Remember, always keep watch over your littles, never leave unattended.

Please remember, we don’t get to all the activities I have planned, you must always remember, toddlers are completely and utterly unpredictable at times, sometimes they are little angels and do everything you set out for them, other times, they couldn’t care less about the time and effort you put into activites lol.. You have to have a sense of humor and just enjoy what you do do.  Remember life happens, just enjoy today because its a gift!  Tomorrow isn’t promised, why stress!!!

For the weekend, My hubby has his work Christmas party, and then Sunday we leave to Dallas to see my very first LIVE NFL football game.  I am so excited.  We will be back Monday morning to enjoy more learning and fun.

I hope you all enjoy all these fun activities.  If you have any plans, let us know what they are. Don’t forget, everything we utilize has links attached for you.  All the work is done… except for printing and cutting… that you have to do.  I hope you all enjoy!



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