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Little Signers of San Antonio, TX; Sign Language classes; communication for Families

American sign language is an amazing beautiful language.  With it, you are able to communicate with your hands word free. Why sign language? Why not???  If you think about it as a parent, communication at an early age is practically nonexistent.  There is no communication other than temper tantrums,gibberish, and screaming.  Who wants that, I’m going… Continue reading Little Signers of San Antonio, TX; Sign Language classes; communication for Families

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Natural suncatchers, laguage development, and fine motor skills

Every week, Daddy buys Bean the most beautiful bouquets of flowers, yup, I said for Bean, not for mama.  And every week we throw them out, but this week, and for weeks after, we will start a new tradition.  We woke up to tons of petals on the kitchen table and decided, why not make… Continue reading Natural suncatchers, laguage development, and fine motor skills

Baby Signing

Little Signers Collaboration with Allison’s Baby Concierge Hey Everyone, Little Signers will be collaborating with Allison’s Baby Concierge to bring pregnant and postpartum momsa chance to get together and be active! Join us for a relaxing morning and meet other moms and mothers-to-be while dancing ballet. Yoga pants, a yoga mat and yourself is the only thing you will need.Light snacks… Continue reading Little Signers Collaboration with Allison’s Baby Concierge

Baby Signing

Baby Sign Language: Becoming Little Signers of San Antonio

In February, I was asked by my daughters Sign Language instructor to become an instructor because she and her family were moving to Iowa very soon.  I was in awe at the idea that I could become an instructor myself.  I had just started my fulltime student career… once again, to become a ASL Interpreter.  ST_Logo_Web

So… let me take I just a little farther back in history… to when my husband and I discovered we were pregnant.  On November 28th, 2013, my husband and I were in San Benito, TX. for the holidays visiting his family.  I was sleeping constantly and not very good company to be around since all I wanted to do was sleep.  My husband told me I was being rude and finally asked if I was pregnant.  I quickly turned down any notion of this.  I mean come on, we had just celebrated our Wedding day on September 28, 2013 and had no intention of having children for at least 2 or 3 more years…

Bubbles floated in my head after he asked.  Soon, I accepted the idea and told him I needed to get a test.  In 3 minutes, I found out I was actually pregnant and took about 4 more tests to confirm. (I also took a blood test at the doctors office the next week just to really verify).

With this discovery, I was elated.  I started quickly planning for the little bundle of joy I was creating in my tummy.  We quickly asked my mother in law to move in with us so she could watch our baby when she came.  We knew daycare was out of the question, not only because of the ridiculous prices, but because who do you trust more than family with your child.  I also looked into baby classes, including sign language.  The idea of our child possibly being Deaf never entered my mind but I wanted my child to have all the opportunities possible.  Language being a main focus.  My husband and mother in law are fluent in Spanish so I knew that language was covered.

I found a signing instructor in Austin, which I was willing to take my daughter to once a month and visit family at the same time when I planned to take my daughter.  When I contacted the lady who did the classes, she informed me there were 2 other instructors closer to me… One in Schertz, and the other just 10 minutes from me.  I was so excited and when my daughter was 5 months old, she started her sign language classes.  Her first sign didn’t come until she was 1, but when she started signing, it was nonstop.  She signed new signs everyday and still does, surprising everyone around her.

My daughter is now 21 months and signs constantly.  She is very verbal as well and knows signs in both English and Spanish.  She talks and signs at the same time.  In no way has signing slowed down her development, in fact it has increased her knowledge if anything.  Currently, she knows about 200+ signs.  she can communicate effectively utilizing speech and sign and understands even without speech.

My goal with becoming a signing instructor is to open the world of sign language to all children, hearing and deaf.  I believe all children deserve the gift of early communication even before they are verbal.  I want to share Deaf history and culture with everyone.  Share where the language comes from, and how it has grown into what it is today, along with teaching the signs.

Little Signers of San Antonio is proud to offer classes not only with group classes, but also private lessons as well.  We have also partnered with Allison’s Baby Concierge here in San Antonio to give mini sign classes, and information classes to pregnant mommies and daddies.  We are very excited for this opportunity and can’t wait spread this amazing language!

Website for Allison’s Concierge:


Allision’s Baby Concierge offers Basic Packages and goes up from there.  Here is her Basic Package.  Allison is completely amazing.  I do hope you visit her soon!

Initial consult (in public space) (30 min)

  • In home childbirth education class (approx. 6 hours)
  • In home lactation counseling and class & PP follow-up (2+ hrs hours)
  • In home newborn care and safety/CPR class (2 hours)
  • Initial car seat installation/education (1 hour )
  • Unlimited car seat installations throughout life span of child
  • In home postpartum visit – first week after delivery (1-2 hr)
  • In home postpartum visit – six weeks after delivery (1-2 hr)
  • Unlimited calls and texts and exclusive gift package
  • Invitations to community events
  • Urth Juice member perks
  • Smart Barre discount

If sign language is something you or someone you know would like to begin or learn more about, please contact us at

Response time is about 1-2 hours if received during the day, if it is at night, response will be next day early morning.